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Origine: Louiseville, USA
Label: Southern Records

· Brian McMahan: guitare, voix
· David Pajo: guitare
· Britt Walford: batterie
· Ethan Buckler: basse (Tweez)
· Todd Brashear: basse (Spiderland)

Formed in Louisville, Kentucky, USA in the late eighties, Slint comprised former members of local legends Squirrel Bait - Brian McMahan (vocals/guitar), Ethan Buckler (bass) and Britt Walford (drums) - plus David Pajo (guitar). Informed by a typically brutal Steve Albini production, the band's 1989 debut (later re-released on Touch & Go Records) featured loud guitar-playing and muted vocals, each track named after band members' parents and pets.
The abrasive edge was toned down somewhat for 1991's Spiderland, which saw a number of changes. Buckler had left to form King Kong while producer Brian Paulson engendered a more sympathetic sound while maintaining the twin-guitar bite of the earlier recording. Rather than simple noise, Spiderland incorporated fully developed songwriting that made the album a popular item within the American alternative rock scene. However, afterwards progress stalled, and only one further desultory single was issued in 1994. By this time Walford and McMahan had joined the Palace Brothers.
Tweez, Slint's first record, was originally released on the Jennifer Hartman Records label in 1988 and re-issued by Touch and Go in May of 1993.
Spiderland, number two for the band and the first released by Touch and Go, saw daylight in April of 1991.
1994 saw the release of an untitled single. It contains a new version of "rhoda" taken from the Tweez album and one previously unheard song which mirrors more the beauty of Spiderland. Whether or not this single acts as fitting homage signalling the end of Slint, or lights the way for a new era, is open to interpretation.
slint (EP)
août 1994
mai 1993
avril 1991
· Southern Records Ancien Actuel
· Site de Fan Non actualisé mais contenant pas mal d'infos
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